Ole Times Country Buffet

Voted #1 in Southern Cooking and Best Country Buffet in South Georgia and North Florida by the Readers of The Valdosta Times for ELEVEN years running!

Ole Times Country Buffet is a true Southern Cooking country buffet restaurant proudly serving South Georgia and North Florida. We offer a wide selection of southern cooked food, made from only the highest quality products available, in a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Our caring staff and talented cooks are dedicated to making your dining experience fun, relaxing, and pleasurable. Whether you bring your family in for some good quality time together, or gather with your friends for a hearty meal, Ole Times Country Buffet is the perfect place for you!

An inviting atmosphere from the eye-catching pig décor in our Valdosta location, to the natural wood throughout some location, and the hand painted murals at Brunswick. We designed our restaurants down to the last detail. Your comfort is important, so we selected soothing colors and comfortable tables and chairs to best complement your meal and wall décor that is sure to initiate an exciting conversation at your table. To help you feel even more at home, we provide fast, friendly, and caring service—our staff always goes the extra mile to meet your needs.

Southern-Style Food with Unsurpassed Quality Fresh baked breads, garden-fresh, well-seasoned vegetables, and juicy, delicious meats, we create each meal with the finest ingredients available. Our cooks work hard to replicate the flavors of home, so you can take a break from the kitchen and treat your family to a great meal and a fantastic time.

For Lunch or Dinner, Ole Times Country Buffet only offers the best food at the best prices.